Brian McMurray

Web, Mobile, and Interactive Software

I’m Brian McMurray, a software architect in Somerville, MA. Currently, I’m a Software Architect for Phase2 Technology. I work with my clients to understand their requirements (both the ones they are aware of and unspoken requirements) to craft technical solutions predominantly using open source software; guide, coach, and mentor developers to success; and keep my hands in the code almost every day.

I have helped organizations like Time Inc, MSNBC, the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Rackspace, Penn State University, the Robin Hood Foundation, and Zagat to adopt open technologies to build large scale digital publishing platforms that account for today’s demands and can scale to meet unexpected demands in the future. For many of these projects, I architected the entirety or large, vital portions of the solution, wrote the software for critical functionality, and led and mentored teams of developers to successful implementation.

You can find examples of my open source work on GitHub, bitbucket, and